February 20, 2013


Architecture simple and absolute, expresses itself by means of two volumes that are the result of a sutil suport betwen solid, closed and geometrically leaned bodies. The new corporate building for Ferretería O´Higgins contains offices, services and storage space for high precission tools used in large scale mining.
Administrative offices, services and sales space are located in the west end of the building, storage and operations space in the back.
In the front, the building is divided into two areas by the three storeys high lobby, where the staircase stands out as the main element of the space, expressing itself as a suspended, light and transparent object.
The weight supporting structure is surrounded by a Corten steel double skin, reinforcing the idea of two solid bodies, and at the same time protecting the inside of exterior temperature and direct solar radiation. An air chamber is created betwen the exterior Corten steel skin and the interior insulated panel facade, wich helps creating a very eficient thermar barrier.
Because of its outside material, the building changes color according to the sunlight and the passing of time. The building reacts as a living body, showing different and changing shades of orange, brown and ocher in its skin. In the front the main facade stands out within the building, defining a transluscent veil made out of perforated Corten steel sheets, that allows people to look outside controlling solar radiation at the same time. These sheets move slightly and constantly with of the wind, wich combined with the efect of the multipurpose water mirror located in their base, give the building a dinamic dimension.
Since its conception the building incorporates sustainable and bioclimatic strategies, giving privilege to the rational use of energy and protection of the enviroment. The Corten steel double skin generates a vertical Venturi effect of passive ventilation, wich works together with the other sustainable and energy saving strategies to achieve a better living quality in the interior working space.
The building uses bioclimatic technologies for interior space conditioning. The outer skin of the earth is used as a temperature baffle both in winter and summer, by introducing naturally underground climatized air and generating a permanent air renewal, achieving constant temperatures betwen 18° and 24°C (64.5° and 75.2°F) all year round (geothermic weather conditioning).
Controled sunlight comes in trhough transluscent stripes in the ceiling (7%), completely eliminating the need for artificial lightning during daytime operations, with great energy savings.
A multipurpose water mirror is located in the front of the building configuring the main acces to it. Besides having an aesthetic value, it is a water resevoir in case of fire, and through the evaporation of water keeps the facade of the building cold during the summer months, bettering the inside living enviroment.
Special atention was put into the rational use of water. Artefacts with high technology, design and efficiency have been used, with automatic faucets, controlling the use of water and reducing it in about 65%.
The landscape project is based in the use of low maitenance and low water consuption species, olive trees and landgrasses (Gramineae), giving a clear sign of a better use of hidric and economic resources.

Founder partner of the office “Guillermo Hevia y Cia Arquitectura” in 1993, dedicated to the architectonic design in different areas such as industrial, services, corporate, housing ( in height, social, single and collective ), educational, and national and international advising in bioclimatic and maintainable architecture. Research and development of new maintainable architectural proposals incorporating bioclimatic techniques ( geothermic, aeolic, to get natural A.A. ), searching energy saving and environmental protection ( Founder partner of the office Biotech Chile Consultores Ltda ). Pioneer in solutions for big industrial plants , he has been granted national and international awards. Many of his projects have received prizes in the Bienal de Arquitectura de Chile ( Chilean Architecture Biennale ) and in Latin America, being his works also published in specialized magazines and books in Chile, Latin America, Europe and Oceania.
His work innovates in the use of new technologies ( Prize Fermin Vivaceta 2005 ) such as steel and glass, proposing different solutions according to technical and economical conditions. He has also researched in development and design of new metallic linings for architecture together with the company Hunter Douglas-Chile ( preformed steel panels; Colordek 408, curved panel, Software and Sándwich-wall ). Among his works ; Unifrutti Traders, Sika Chile S.A., Wenco S.A., BMW- Williamson Balfour Motors S.A., Viña Terramater, Panificadora Castaño, CD Farmacias Ahumada S.A., Edificio Chilexpress S.A., Derco S.A., Planta Cristalchile Llay-Llay, Edificio Candelaria, Import. Alsacia Ltda., Almazara Olisur S.A.. CD Farmacias Benavides – Monterrey-Mx., Edificio Nestlé Graneros, Edificio y CD CAM-Enersis.
Teacher at the Universidad de Chile (University of Chile), on 5th grade Workshop subject and Diploma and invited Professor at the “Taller Internacional Cartagena de Indias – U. de Los Andes (Colombia)”. He gives lectures and conferences in national and international Seminars and Congresses.
Director of the “ Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile and AOA” ( Architects Association of Chile and Association of Architects Offices).
Prize Best Project of the Year 2007
Planta Cristalchile – Llay-Llay, V Región – Chile
“Plataforma Arquitectura”
Prize AOA 2008
Planta Cristalchile – Llay-Llay, V Región – Chile
Company Atika S.A.
International Prize Bronze Medal – Public Building
Planta Cristalchile – Llay-Llay, V Región – Chile
III Biennial of Miami, EUA.
Prize AOA 2007
Planta Cristalchile – Llay-Llay, V Región – Chile
Empresa Hunter Douglas Chile S.A.
International Prize in Enviromental Architecture
Proyecto Bioclimático: Farmacias Ahumada S.A., Santiago – R. M.
XV Panamericana Biennial, Quito, Ecuador.
Prize Corporative Architecture
Building CHILEXPRESS S.A., Santiago – R. M.
XV Biennial Biennial of Architecture, Santiago – Chile
Prize “ FERMIN VIVACETA”, Granted by the Architects School of Chile.
To the architect distinguished for the use of technology.
Prize Industrial Architecture
XIII Biennial of Architecture, Santiago – Chile
International Prize Nueva Generación de Arquitectos” (New generation of architects)
Biennial of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Project : WENCO S.A., Santiago – R. M.